Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WMI Namespace Errors In CCMSetup Log file

 In your SMS client systems CcmSetup.Log file in the CcmSetup directory you may see any one of the following errors or warnings:

• MSI: Setup was unable to create the WMI namespace CCM
• The error code is 80041001 or 80070003

• MSI: Warning 25101. Setup was unable to delete WMI namespace CIMV2\SMS
• the error code is 80041001 or 80070003

• Client installation has failed too many times. Ccmsetup will now abort.

• Installation failed with error code 1603

what this is basically telling you is that WMI is out to lunch and has been reported as AWOL. To resolve these log file issues you must delete or rename the machines WMI Repository and allow it to recreate itself.

Follow the steps below to accomplish this:

1. Stop the "Windows Management Instrumentation" service.

2. Rename the Windows\System32\Wbem\Repository folder to ”Oldrepository”.

3. Restart the “Windows Management Instrumentation service”.

4. Verify that the Windows \System32\Wbem\Repository folder has been recreated.

5. Reinstall the SMS client software.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Troubleshooting Software Updates Client Issues SCCM

1-Client Scan Fails with Error 0x80040693

In the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 console, view any reports in the category Software Updates - Troubleshooting. If a Configuration Manager 2007 client reports the error code 0x80040693, it means the client is running the wrong version of Windows Update Agent (WUA). Configuration Manager 2007 clients require version 7.0.6000.374 or higher.

Possible Solution
If client computers are configured for Automatic Update, they should automatically update their Windows Update Agent from their Automatic Update source. If clients are not configured for Automatic Update, you can locate the WUA redistributable file on MSDN and deploy it using Configuration Manager 2007 software distribution.

2-Software Update Installation Fails with Error 0x80091007

Before a Configuration Manager 2007 client can install software updates, it verifies the hash on the content containing the software update. If the hash does not match, the client fails to install the software update and logs error 0x80091007 to the updatesdeployment.log on the client. The error is also sent to the management point and is visible in the reports under the category Software Updates 
This issue is often caused by having the wrong version of the package on the distribution point. Frequently this issue occurs when content has not been replicated to a child site or when the package version has changed but the client has not received new policy yet.

Possible Solution

In the Configuration Manager 2007 console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager ,Site Database, Computer Management,  Software Updates, Deployment Packages, Package Status, Package Status, and look at the source version for the package. Verify that all distribution points are using the same source version, including any distribution points at the child site. You can also look at distmgr.log for any errors that reference the package ID.

3-Software Update Installation Fails with Error = 0x80004002

A client computer fails to install a software update with the 0x80004002 error message reported in the client log files, such as the following sample log entries:
WSUS update installation result = 0x80004002, Reboot State = NoReboot
Update execution failed.
Failed to get final installation result of updates. Error = 0x80004002.
Update 1 () finished installing (0x80004002).
Update 2 () finished installing (0x80004002).
Installation of updates completed.
WARNING: client failed installing updates with error 0x80004002
The UpdatesHandler.log and WUAHandler.log files are located in Logs, and the Windows Update.log is located in windir.
Possible Solution
The WUA installation on the client might be missing files or be corrupt. Reinstall WUA 3.0 on the client computer. For more information about installing WUA 3.0, 

Configuration Manager Run Scripts feature

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