Saturday, October 27, 2012

Package is showing "Waiting to install" Even package is installed on DP

A-Source version of package is missed on DP

While Package distribution on distribution point you’re facing a problem, Distmgr.log is showing following error
1-      While replication distmgr.log is showing for DP
Package CEN002E5 requires a newer version (4) of source files and the new compressed files haven't arrived yet, current version is 3, skip E:\SMS\inboxes\\INCOMING\E4D9HVCY.PKG
This error occurs if status massages have not reached to CEN server, that’s why packages are showing “Waiting to Install”

I have solution of this issue, but this is not recommended by Microsoft, but I have already tested on a DP, and that is working for me,

                “Status massages have been reached to CEN server and packages are showing Package is installed on DP”

Step1- First delete E4D9HVCY.PKG from SMS\inboxes\\INCOMING

Step2- Execute following command on CEN server,

UPDATE PkgStatus SET Status=2, SourceVersion=0 WHERE TYPE=1 AND PkgServer='DP Name' AND ID='PKGID'

After that just refresh the DP for package, it will take some time but Status massage will update to CEN server,

B-Package is showing waiting to install even package is installed on DP

Some times we are facing a error package is showing waiting to installed even package is install on DP,
This error comes when status massage has not updated on CEN server,

For this error I have a solution but this is not recommended by Microsoft but that is worked for me,

Stpe1- Delete entries from CEN server database,

Execute following commands on CEN to delete, NAL path, ContentMap and Status massage

“Delete from pkgservers where NALpath like '%\\DP Name%' and pkgID=’PkgID’ ”
 “ delete from pkgstatus where pkgserver like '%\\DP Name%' and ID='PkgID' “

“ delete from contentdpmap where serverpath like '%\\DP Name%' and contentID='PkgID' “

Step2- After execution of above commands remove package from DP,

Step3- Wait for some time then again add packages to DP

You will see the packages are installed on DP and status massages are reached to CEN server,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Microsoft Launches Windows 8 After 1.24B Hours Of Public Testing

During Microsoft’s official launch event for Windows 8 in New York City today, Steven Sinofsky, the president of the company’s Windows and Windows Live division, said that the company’s new operating system went through 1,240,000,000 hours of testing in public in 190 countries. “No product anywhere receives this kind of testing anywhere in the world,” he said.
For Microsoft, today is obviously a big day, as users can now download and buy Windows 8 for their PCs and start buying numerous new devices. According to Microsoft, there are now over 1,000 certified Windows 8 PCs. The focus today, of course, was on devices with touchscreens, including tablets and convertibles. “These are the best PCs ever made,” Sinofsky said

Sinofsky referenced the days when we were basically "living in caves," the time of Windows 95. He used memories of that era to emphasize just how far Microsoft's operating system has come. Now, more than 1,000 PCs have been certified for Windows 8, bringing on what the folks at Microsoft describe as a new era of computing (and of Windows).
Sinofsky did at one point acknowledge that some folks might call out Microsoft's newly launched app store for having a small selection of apps, in comparison to what is available on other platforms, such as Apple and Google.
"We see today as a grand opening, and a very strong one," he said. And he says that there are more apps in the Windows app store than there were in any competitor's at launch.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

“Out Of Memory-GetRows” or SMS report is showing only 10,000 Rows,

Error massage when you try to run SMS/SCCM web Report
“Out Of Memory-GetRows” or SMS report is showing only 10,000 Rows,
No need to worry about this error, this error is known and this hits comes by default value which is
Configured in SMS Registry.
Resolution-1 Increase the row count of SMS Report from 10,000 to unlimited

Report Viewer in Configuration Manager 2007 limits the result set returned by a report query to 10,000 rows. The maximum number of rows that are returned when running a report query can be modified by creating a registry key and setting a value on site system computers that have the reporting point role

To change the number of rows returned by a report query
  1. Open the Registry Editor on the reporting point computer.
  2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\SMS\Reporting.
  3. Create a DWORD value named Rowcount, and then set its value to the number of rows that you want returned in the report query. If you want to return all rows, set the value to 0xffffffff, which is the hexadecimal equivalent of –1.
The configured number of rows is returned by any report query that is run from this reporting point.

Note: If you have given the wrong value then SMS Report will show only 10,000 Rows,

Resolution-2 Out of Memory- GetRows error while accessing the SMS Report,

Then you have to check the AspBufferingLimit value which will you could find in C:\Windows\system32\inetsrv\MetaBase.xml  search the “AspBufferingLimit “ and you see the value is 4194304 which is about 4 MB,
Now you have to change the value from 4 MB to according your limit,

After that jus restart the SMS Reporting service and you can see your SMS Report is back on track,

Configuration Manager Run Scripts feature

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