Wednesday, December 31, 2014

OS deployment fails (Failed to download policy )

Recently I have faced an issue with OS deployment. While OSD I got an error

While checking the smsts.log file I found the error in log file that was showing

BOM not found on policy reply

Failed to download policy {172A41CC-19A7-4BE3-91BC-0D979432CA10}/9 (Code 0x80004005).
I checked multiple things but nothing has worked.  Checked the package versions, scope IDs in application but everything was fine.
After that I searched the Policy in the SCCM database in table policyassignment and Policy
select * from policyassignment where policyid = '{172A41CC-19A7-4BE3-91BC-0D979432CA10}/9'
select * from policy where policyid = '{172A41CC-19A7-4BE3-91BC-0D979432CA10}/9'
after that I have deleted the policy which was showing as error in smsts.log file.
Delete from policyassignment where policyid = '{172A41CC-19A7-4BE3-91BC-0D979432CA10}/9'

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