Saturday, October 27, 2012

Package is showing "Waiting to install" Even package is installed on DP

A-Source version of package is missed on DP

While Package distribution on distribution point you’re facing a problem, Distmgr.log is showing following error
1-      While replication distmgr.log is showing for DP
Package CEN002E5 requires a newer version (4) of source files and the new compressed files haven't arrived yet, current version is 3, skip E:\SMS\inboxes\\INCOMING\E4D9HVCY.PKG
This error occurs if status massages have not reached to CEN server, that’s why packages are showing “Waiting to Install”

I have solution of this issue, but this is not recommended by Microsoft, but I have already tested on a DP, and that is working for me,

                “Status massages have been reached to CEN server and packages are showing Package is installed on DP”

Step1- First delete E4D9HVCY.PKG from SMS\inboxes\\INCOMING

Step2- Execute following command on CEN server,

UPDATE PkgStatus SET Status=2, SourceVersion=0 WHERE TYPE=1 AND PkgServer='DP Name' AND ID='PKGID'

After that just refresh the DP for package, it will take some time but Status massage will update to CEN server,

B-Package is showing waiting to install even package is installed on DP

Some times we are facing a error package is showing waiting to installed even package is install on DP,
This error comes when status massage has not updated on CEN server,

For this error I have a solution but this is not recommended by Microsoft but that is worked for me,

Stpe1- Delete entries from CEN server database,

Execute following commands on CEN to delete, NAL path, ContentMap and Status massage

“Delete from pkgservers where NALpath like '%\\DP Name%' and pkgID=’PkgID’ ”
 “ delete from pkgstatus where pkgserver like '%\\DP Name%' and ID='PkgID' “

“ delete from contentdpmap where serverpath like '%\\DP Name%' and contentID='PkgID' “

Step2- After execution of above commands remove package from DP,

Step3- Wait for some time then again add packages to DP

You will see the packages are installed on DP and status massages are reached to CEN server,

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