Saturday, September 24, 2011

How to remove Facebook News Ticker

Facebook News Ticker shows real-time updates from your friends.

Some users find this feature useful and some find this very annoying. Personally I don’t like this Facebook news ticker as it takes my attention away and it’s very irritating. There is a change in Facebook navigation bar also, from now Facebook navigation bar stays always top of the page when we scroll. Just like news ticker some users are liking it and some are hating this. So if you are not linking this two annoying Facebook features, then you can easily remove these using Google Chrome browser extension.,
just go through link-

Download Facebook News Ticker Remover

And remove your facebook news Ticker.

There are two Facebook Google Chrome extensions available in Chrome web store. One extension is Facebook News Ticker Remover which only removes the news ticker from your Facebook profile, but the Facebook navbar stays always on top. If you want to remove the new Facebook navbar, then you can use Unannoying Facebook which removes both news ticker and new Facebook navigation bar.

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