Saturday, April 13, 2013

Deploy Windows 8 Enterprise x86 on a UEFI x86 device using SCCM 2012 SP1

New Toys For The Boys
Don’t we all love new toys, especially the ones that require an occasional recharge.

The latest thing I got my hands on is the Lenovo Tablet 2, a very nice 10” tablet thing, with a couple of nice add-ons, like a docking station, Bluetooth keyboard and a pen like stylus. But what I really like about it is that it runs a full version of Windows 8 x86, which means that I can deploy its OS over and over again

So I fired up my SCCM Console to do exactly that …

The Drivers
First off I needed a driver package and Lenovo has been kind enough to supply a ready-made kit for SCCM.

Which can be downloaded from this URL

After unpacking the kit, I imported the driver package without any issues

Reading through the readme file for the Lenovo driver kit, I found out that a few extra steps would be required to completely support the Tablet 2 device. The Mobile WAN device need a software package to be installed, and KB2761094 must be installed to remove two “yellow marks” in the device manager. So I added a package for each of these issues.

Mobile WAN device Package
I downloaded the driver for the Ericsson WAN device and got a Lenovo installer and a setup.exe (the only thing actually needed)

I created a package co

full article on

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