Monday, November 16, 2015

Failed to sync update fc5e8c16-7b3b-409f-8e42-5ffb3c1cf09d WSUS Synchronization failed with SCCM.

Today I faced a problem with WSUS Synchronization the update on SCCM.
This problem was annoying me. I can sync my WSUS db from Microsoft ok. But for some reason I am getting this error in SCCM.
Failed to sync update fc5e8c16-7b3b-409f-8e42-5ffb3c1cf09d. Error: The Microsoft Software License Terms have not been completely downloaded and cannot be accepted
It prevents my scheduled sync from passing and then it attempts to re-sync every 60 mins.
That above issue is known for MS and it’s often.
To resolve that issue you should have to run the following command on the WSUS server.
At the command line %drive%\Program Files\Update Services\Tools>, type:
Wsusut reset

Once you run the above command after that start the synchronization once again and you will see the synchronization.

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